Events & Corporate Workshop


After a confidential consultation via phonecall or e-mails for me to understand what type of outfit you require, I will go away and search for the absolute best look for you! To save you the hassle of looking online or in the stores, Styled By Isabel will aim to find you your dream outfit which is unique and makes you feel great! We will send you 5 Key Outfits from a range of brands and designers along with links to purchase these goods. It will take the hassle out of finding an outfit and Styled By Isabel will ensure that we are presenting unique, new brands and the best products out there at the moment in stock! Every look which I present you with will be accompanied with a moodboard. PDF report sent by e-mail. Please check confirmation email which will contain the questionnaire about your colourings, a mini colour consultation will be presented in the report and considered when choosing outfits.