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Client Testimonials

“I wasn’t really sure what to expect since this is my first time trying personal styling and I just love the outfits which you have suggested. They are both things that I would wear but wouldn’t necessarily have thought of if I had been trawling through websites myself. It was exactly what I was hoping for from a Wardrobe Refresh. Thank you for your thoughtful and tasteful help. I will be in touch again”

Joanne J.

“Thank you so much for my Wardrobe Refresh. It is INCREDIBLE, I am blown away. We have never met yet you have captured exactly what I both like and aspire to wear and have opened up a world of colour for me.”

Charlotte W.

“Wow. Thank you so much. I was scrolling through and every look I was like “YESSS!” I love them all. I honestly can’t even pick a favourite. I can’t wait to do some shopping today. I think I need you to find all of my clothes/outfits for me from now on!”

Charlotte B.

“You are amazingly gifted at what you do Isabel. As a relatively new Mum, this has given me such a pep in my step, thank you.”

Emma L.

“I wouldn’t have thought about wearing blue, or anything other than black or white. I couldn’t have asked for anything more, thank you so much!”

Anna M.

“I got a Colour Consultation online with Isabel and I received this amazing report. No need to leave the house. Giving me great guidance on which colours suit me, it will make shopping so much easier in the future.”

Kate T.

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